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The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group for Norfolk
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About us

Norfolk FWAG is a not-for-profit organisation which provides conservation advice to landowners. It is led by a voluntary steering group of farmers and a number of statutory organisations.

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Conservation on farmland has a vital role to play in conserving Norfolk’s wildlife. By becoming a member of Norfolk FWAG you will support us in our work, making a difference in the wider countryside.


Meet the team

The Norfolk FWAG advisers jointly have over 35 years experience of working in the farmed environment in Norfolk and have an in-depth knowledge of farming systems and the natural environment.

FWAG works for us because it’s a very hands-on approach, Henry has local knowledge, I can call him and ask for advice when I need it.

It works because they offer advice, and they have knowledge of farming as well as conservation, they get the balance of both just right. They’ve helped show us how farming and conservation can work hand in hand.

The changes it’s made to the farm and the working environment are great, it’s a pleasure to work with Norfolk FWAG.

Richard Wright

R.G Wright and Sons

Local Access Agreements

Over the past 10 years, many communities in Norfolk have benefited from permissive access routes where paths have been made available for walking and riding around the edges of arable fields. These paths were
provided by the farmer, with support from a scheme called Environmental Stewardship. This scheme has now come to an end.

We’ve produced a guide for landowners, members of the public and parish councils to explain how funding may be available to retain existing routes or provide new ones.