The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has announced that its 2015 Big Farmland Bird Count will take place from the 7th to 15th February 2015. As an extra incentive to take part the GWCT has introduced a series of 10 nationwide bird identification days, which will help farmers improve their bird identification skills (especially those hard to recognise ‘Little Brown Jobs’) ahead of the count. The ID days will be held throughout January and will be run by birding experts from the GWCT as well as FWAG, LEAF and the RSPB. Each session will last for 2 ½ hours and will include lunch.

The 2014 Big Farmland Bird Count was a remarkable achievement. The many farmers who participated recorded over 116 different species of birds – many of which are on the red-list of birds of conservation concern such as starling, lapwing and tree sparrow. The GWCT is aiming to get more than 1,000 farmers out counting this winter.

Jim Egan from the GWCT said, “Taking part in the count is a fantastic way to show how much you care about your farmland birds. It is also a useful way of measuring how birds are faring on farms across the county as well as demonstrating the considerable conservation measures now being implemented by UK farmers.” Further information on the 2015 Big Farmland Bird Count and details of how to register to attend an ID days can be found on the GWCT website at:

The count is sponsored by BASF and run in association with the FWAG Association and LEAF. It is also receiving huge support from the NFU, CLA , RSPB plus many more besides who are really pulling out all the stops to encourage their members to take part. Register today and show how much you care about your farmland birds!