Broadland Tales of the Past Project

What is Broadland Tales of the past ?

This project will capture the memories of farmers and rural workers of the Norfolk Broads in order to create a historical record from which current and future generations can learn about both the agriculture and natural history of the region. 

This oral history project forms part of the Heritage Lottery Funded project called Water, Mills and Marshes, being run by the Broads Authority. 

The primary aim of the wider Water, Mills and Marshes project is to conserve the wetland grazing agro-ecosystem and reconnect the public with the landscape, combining practical conservation, such as the restoration of the iconic windmills, and social activities such as public engagement and recording. 

To find out more, you can visit the website, 

Who do we want to speak to? 

If you are a farmer, we would like to hear your memories of working and farming in the Broads. 

What do we want to talk about? 

Your memories of farming practices and daily life 

How will this be done? 

You will be interviewed by a trained interviewer for up to an hour. The interview will be recorded. 

What will happen to the recording? 

We will transcribe and archive the recording. The recording maybe professionally edited and included into a 30 minute radio program or podcast. It may also be included in a travelling exhibition that will attend a number of agricultural events. 

Would you like to participate? 

Please contact the Norfolk FWAG team on the details below.