Is your ELS or HLS scheme going to expire in the next few years?

Norfolk FWAG is the ideal place to turn to for expert independent conservation advice on the new Countryside Stewardship scheme. We have over 10 years’ experience delivering successful agri-environment schemes.

Services we offer include:

  • Calculation of Environmental Stewardship to Countryside Stewardship transfer value.
  • Completion of Expression of Interest forms.
  • Pre-application work including soil sampling and baseline photography.
  • Completion of full Mid Tier application,including careful targeting and scoring assessmentto ensure best chance of success.*
  • Production of Farm Environment Record.
  • Liaison with Natural England and support for farmers as they move through the Higher Tier application process.
  • Ongoing scheme management to ensure compliancewith scheme requirements.
  • Completion of annual claim forms.
  • Scheme monitoring including taking geo-tagged photos throughout the lifetime of the agreement.

Work is charged at published hourly and daily rates. Contact the office for further details. Rates are lower for Norfolk FWAG members.

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