At Norfolk Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group we are delighted to announce the launch of our Corporate Membership package.

This is a tiered membership scheme which enables companies of any size and sector to support our work. The support you pledge demonstrates to your stakeholders, and the general public, that your business is invested in improving the local environment and conserving farmland wildlife in Norfolk.

Corporate Membership starts at £300 but you can choose a level of support which you feel represents your company’s values and aims. At the higher levels we can offer a package which is more tailored to your needs, with benefits for you and your staff.

The included membership benefits will improve your company’s CSR by demonstrating that you are committed to enhancing the environment. Your support also boosts our ability to participate in local environmental projects such as 1 Million Trees for Norfolk and the Norfolk Ponds Project.  

The membership tiers are as follows:

Membership tiers

We will be attending the B2B event on the 12 th of October, come and visit us for more information!