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Royal Countryside Fund’s Farm for the Future Delivery

Norfolk FWAG - Case StudiesRoyal Countryside Fund's Farm for the Future Delivery

As the Norfolk delivery partner for the Royal Countryside Funded Farm for the Future programme, Norfolk FWAG’s Sasha Wells and Bea White are providing essential support to Norfolk farmers.

Sasha Wells
Farm for the Future - Workshop

The Programme

The aim of this programme is to support farmers and landowners through the Agricultural Transition Plan by providing business and environmental advice, aiding them in making informed decisions about the future of their farm.

The programme is run in cohorts and consists of an initial welcome meeting, workshops, and one-to-one support for each cohort; participants can steer the programme for their cohort by selecting the topics they want to see in the topic workshops, previously topics selected have included environmental schemes, private and blended finance, and diversification.

Norfolk FWAG’s Role

Norfolk FWAG has been appointed as the delivery partner for the Farm for the Future programme. As of writing, we have delivered two successful cohorts in the past year and will be delivering the third and final cohort in the next 6 months. Sasha Wells — with support from Bea White — has been working hard running workshops, visiting participants for their one-to-one sessions, and planning events.

Our Most Recent Farm for the Future Event: Diversification and Succession with Michael Mack

Participants of Norfolk FWAG’s cohort 2 selected the topics of diversification and succession for one of their workshop’s topics. To provide them with the best information about this topic, Sasha engaged Michael Mack of The Rural Consultant Ltd. Michael Mack is an independent consultant specialising in farm diversification and succession planning, so was well placed to deliver this workshop.

Michael began by stressing the significance of early preparation, advocating for a ‘slow transition’ approach to ensure the incoming generation is well-equipped to uphold a farm’s legacy and inject fresh innovations.

Moving onto diversification, Michael urged attendees to prioritise offering experiences over conventional products/diversifications, citing their capacity to enhance brand loyalty and revenue. Emphasising the need for expertise and customer-centricity, Michael underscored the importance of thorough research and personalisation to suit the market.

Finally, he stressed the role of dynamic business planning in navigating the agricultural transition plan and changes in agricultural payments.

Attendees were highly involved throughout, engaging in conversation to consider options for their own farm business, and left the workshop with a better idea of how to reach their diversification goals. This is just one example of the many ways Norfolk FWAG is making a difference in helping Norfolk farmers navigate the latest advancements in agriculture.

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