Norfolk County Council are giving people in Norfolk the chance to apply for tree packs that are up to 50% off their original cost.

This is to help combat the effects of climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. We hope it will result in 40,000 more trees in our Norfolk gardens and green spaces and make it a more vibrant place for our wildlife and people.

There is an application process to ensure all trees are being planted in the right place to maximise their survival. Anyone in Norfolk can apply if they have the right land permissions and space.

You need to make sure you either:

  • Own the land you plan to plant on
  • Have land management responsibility or have landowner permission

The location of your trees is important. You must be able to confirm you have the space for the trees. The application form has an interactive map so you can mark where you’ll plant them. If you’re unable to use the interactive map, there is an alternative way to provide this information.

There are different types of trees packs you can buy. NCC have listed what species are in each pack type on their website. As much as possible, we’ll equally divide the species in each pack. Although we check if your planting location is suitable, you must check the species are suitable for your situation. The species included in the packs are a guide only. NCC may need to substitute some depending on stock availability. These substitutions are non-negotiable, but they will make sure any substitute species are suitable for your pack.

You can select a mixture of packs or just one type. Apart from orchard packs, the tree protection (guards with canes) is not included as standard but you can buy these at the same time you buy your tree packs. Tree protection can help your trees survive.

All tree packs (except orchard packs) will be:

  • Bare root – there won’t be any soil around the roots
  • 40-60cm in height
  • Probably without any leaves (if deciduous)

For orchard packs:

  • Trees will be one year-old ‘maiden’ trees, about 60cm-90cm tall (2-3ft)
  • Bare root – there won’t be any soil around the roots

For full costings, and for more information, visit the Norfolk County Council tree planting website.