Richard Wright is the owner of R.G Wright and Sons of Hardley, near Norwich. Richard was the 2014 winner of the Ian MacNicol Memorial Trophy, a prize which is presented annually to recognise an outstanding contribution to conservation on farmland.

As a member of Norfolk FWAG, Richard says, “FWAG works for us because it’s a very hands-on approach, Henry and Heidi have local knowledge, I can call them and ask them for advice when I need it.”

Richard adds, “It works because they offer advice, and they have knowledge of farming as well as conservation, they get the balance of both just right. They’ve helped show us how farming and conservation can work hand in hand.”

Richard would definitely recommend people to become a member, “The changes it’s made to the farm and the working environment are great, it’s a pleasure to work with Norfolk FWAG”

Richard Wright